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current (a): of the present time | from Latin: running, currēns


habitat (n): the natural environment in which we live | from Latin: inhabits, habitare

CURRENT HABITAT is a landscape architecture and design studio creating exceptional urban spaces and gardens. We design inspired landscapes that uniquely and beautifully balance nature and design, horticulture and ecology, form and process.

What we do.

Home Gardens | Courtyards | Potted Porches

Public Parks | Plazas | Playgrounds | Streetscapes

Landscape Design Services


Residential Landscape Design

Reimagined outdoor living spaces.

Consultation through full design

Garden plans 

More Information Coming Soon

Screenshot 2024-05-03 092116.png

Urban Open Space Landscape Architecture

Public parks, community spaces, plazas

More Information Coming Soon


Seasonal Container Gardens

Potted porches

Greenhouse & Nursery Meet-Ups

Container consultations

More Information Coming Soon

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